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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Analyzing top 4 teams for 5-star wing prospect Will Riley

Illinois v Connecticut
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Arizona Wildcats


An interesting chain of events that could impact Arizona’s chances of landing Riley occurred a couple of weeks ago. Star guard Caleb Love elected to return for one more year, which may have caused 5-star class of 2024 prospect Jason Sonon to de-commit to rival Arizona State. So Riley could simply take his place in the 2024 class and have a role this upcoming season.

It’s important to note that the Wildcats already have a 5-star wing commit on the roster in Carter Bryant, a 6’8 forward with somewhat a similar skillset. However, the opportunity to play for Coach Tommy Lloyd’s offense and a team with Final Four aspirations would be an appealing pitch.


There are a couple of reasons why waiting a year could work out for Riley here. One, he could find out what happens with Carter, because he could be a “one and done” player for the Wildcats and leave before he arrives. Otherwise, he’d know how he’d fit with Carter in a lineup and can make a future decision without clashing.

Plus, Love and Trey Townsend will be gone, opening up plenty of offensive opportunities for Riley. If he wanted to make sure he’s a “one and done” pro prospect himself, waiting a year would make more sense at Arizona.