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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Pros and cons of 5-star G VJ Edgecombe's final 3 teams

5-star NCAA Basketball VJ Edgecombe is down to Duke, Baylor, and Kentucky. Which of them makes the most sense for him?

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Kentucky Wildcats


Kentucky is very similar to Duke when it comes to national prestige and the ability to send players to the NBA. The one big difference between them is the coaching and experience edge John Calipari has over Jon Scheyer. His ability to handle all kinds of rosters and get the best out of all types of players is why they continue to have top-2 classes. 

Plus, the Wildcats are one of very few NCAA Basketball who still play freshmen frequently, even in the portal era. No matter the depth, Edgecombe should feel good about getting plenty of minutes and being allowed to play through the rough patches all young players have.


Kentucky did recently land a player that plays the same position as Edgecombe in Billy Richmond, a top-40 wing commit. It’s certainly not the same depth concerns as with Duke but even if they lose a few players from this year’s roster, the Wildcats still will have competition for minutes.

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There’s also a question about whether Calipari can still win big at Kentucky, based on his style of play and constant desire to play so many young players. This team does look good and if they make a big run, it ultimately won’t matter. But if they have another early exit in March, then this point will only be amplified.