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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Ranking 6 teams in play for FSU transfer Jamir Watkins

North Carolina v Florida State
North Carolina v Florida State / G Fiume/GettyImages
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6. Florida State Seminoles

A return to the Seminoles is apparently in play and there are some positives in their favor. Watkins is familiar with Coach Leonard Hamilton and has his best season with him. Plus, this is the one option where he’d be the clear-cut No. 1 option and could put up even bigger stats next season, which could help his NBA Draft stock.

On the other hand, a good case can be made the FSU got worse this offseason from a roster standpoint and easily has the smallest chance of making the NCAA Tournament next year. If Watkins wants to be on a postseason roster next season, he’s better off going to any of the other five options.

5. Cincinnati Bearcats

The Bearcats got some good news in the past couple of weeks, landing Texas transfer Dillon Mitchell and retaining sharpshooting guard, CJ Fredrick. That gives the team plenty of depth already, thanks to returning a trio of 6’6 guards who were the top scorers on the team, including Daniel Skillings and Simas Lukosius.

Had Cincinnati not landed Mitchell, this option would’ve made more sense. It’s not that Watkins wouldn’t start here but his minutes would be in more competition since the wings are already set. The Big 12 program would gladly still take him but there are simply better options available.