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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Ranking the 5 final teams for Dayton transfer Koby Brea

Nevada v Dayton
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2. Kentucky Wildcats

Like Duke, it can be hard for transfers to get big roles at Kentucky unless they’re scoring stars like Antonio Reeves. But we don’t have to worry about that now, with Mark Pope taking over for John Calipari. He has to fill out the near-empty roster and someone like Brea could see a huge role in the rotation and potentially start as well.

The risk with the Wildcats is that the final product of the offseason roster building might not be as appealing if Coach Pope manages to land some big scoring guards. Still, he can’t get them all, especially since Arkansas is still empty as well. There are some questions here but also a greater chance of individual success.

1. UConn Huskies

Coming off two straight national titles, it’s hard to beat what UConn and Coach Danny Hurley can offer a prospect, especially one from the Northeast Region. They’re losing their two key shooting guards (Cam Spencer and Stephon Castle) so they have plenty of minutes available for Brea, who can essentially replace Spencer’s role on the offense.

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All of the other options have some question to them in terms of roster fit and how viable they’ll be. But even after losing four starters, no one doubts that UConn will be more than competitive next season. After adding Michigan center Tarris Reed to the team, Brea would be an ideal next commitment to the team for next year.