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NCAA Basketball: Top 10 players to wear jersey No. 0 in 2023-24 season

Mar 28, 2024; Boston, MA, USA; Illinois Fighting Illini guard Terrence Shannon Jr. (0) dribbles the
Mar 28, 2024; Boston, MA, USA; Illinois Fighting Illini guard Terrence Shannon Jr. (0) dribbles the / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
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More than a month has passed since the college basketball season came to an end with Connecticut crowned national champions once again. The offseason has had no shortage of news and excitement, especially with the coaching carousel and Transfer Portal in full swing. We still have no idea what some of these teams will fully look like come November, but we’re not concerned about that today.

With significant time between us and the end of last season, we’re taking some time to reflect on the past year of college hoops. It’s easy to look at results and see how some teams faltered while others flew, but final results don’t always tell the full story. After all, there are 362 D1 teams in the nation and each of them has a story to be told each and every year.

This article begins a brand new project that will look exclusively at the multitude of college basketball players from this past season. Instead of ranking players based on their team, conference, or state (as I previous projects), we’re doing things a little differently this time. We’ll be breaking down the best players to wear each individual jersey number this season.

Nearly six thousand players were on D1 rosters this season, with most of them wearing traditional basketball numbers with digits between 0 and 5. We’ll be looking at each number’s ten best players of the past season, considering many factors in identifying these players, though keeping our focus to this current season’s stats and results. More than 80% of the D1 teams had someone wearing #0 this season, so let’s get right into the best of the best who wore that number.