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NCAA Basketball: Top 10 "two-time" transfers that'll impact rest of 2023-24 season

It has been about 3 weeks since the courts ruled in favor of two-time transfers. The sample size is still small but there have been some players who have stood out above the rest of the double transfers.

Montana State v Kansas State
Montana State v Kansas State / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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December 13th is the day that College Sports changed, likely forever. District Judge John Preston Bailey issued a Temporary Restraining Order giving all two-time transfers the ability to play for their teams immediately. There was supposed to be a hearing on the matter on December 27th but Judge Bailey later canceled that extending the restraining order to the end of the academic year.

It was a huge win for the student-athlete and is ultimately going to make the sport better. There are a lot of teams who have benefitted from the ruling and the timing of the ruling could not have been better given it was right before conference play. Initially, many asked how these players were going to fit into a rotation that had already been established over the first month and a half of the season. Most of the good players have been able to carve out a nice role with their team and some have been asked to be the stars on their teams.

There have been a lot of two-time transfers who have already played but who are the ones who stood out over the last three weeks?  10 players have established themselves not only in their team's rotation but have been some of the best players in the country over the last two weeks. Every single one of the players on this list has helped their teams immediately and has made their respective teams better. So who have been the 10 best two-time transfers in the country over the last three weeks?

Honorable Mention - Adam Miller

The Arizona State guard has already had a well traveled career. This is now his third season of college basketball and he is already on his third team. Miller was a five star recruit and a lot of us thought that he would not be in college this long as he would have found his way to the NBA already, especially after a good year at Illinois. Miller then transferred to LSU where he was an integral part of the rebuild for the Tigers last season. He was their star on a team that didn’t have many. Now Miller is ready to try his hand at his third power conference school in the last three seasons. 

The guard was instantly the best player when he stepped on the floor for the Sun Devils. The only problem is that his team isn’t very good and he doesn’t instantly make them better. I am convinced that we have seen the ceiling for Miller and that looks to be a guy who averages about 10-15 points, with a high volume of shots, is not a great shooter from deep, and doesn’t provide much else on the counting stats. None the less he is the star for the Sun Devils. Through two games this season both lopsided losses for Arizona State the guard is averaging 13 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists. That will likely be very similar to where his stat line ends up after the season.