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NCAA Basketball: Top 10 "two-time" transfers that'll impact rest of 2023-24 season

It has been about 3 weeks since the courts ruled in favor of two-time transfers. The sample size is still small but there have been some players who have stood out above the rest of the double transfers.

Montana State v Kansas State
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2. Sean Durugordon - Siena

Durugordon is a player that Siena desperately needs to keep playing at the level he is currently playing at. The Saints are one of the worst teams in the country right now and the guard is trying very hard to carry the team on his back and win them some games. Durugordon is another guy who is now on his third school in three years and his transfers have everything to do with coaching changes.

His first season at Missouri ended with a fired coach. Last season at Austin Peay it ended with a coaching change and now the guard found himself back home in New York to hopefully finish his career at Siena.

At this point in the season it is a safe assumption that Durugordon gets about every shot in the Siena offense and he is likely going to put up huge numbers all year only to see Siena still keep losing games. The Saints are not a good team but the guard does make them better. After two games the guard is scoring 24 points per game to go along with 12 rebounds.

Digging deeper into those numbers shows that he is taking about 20 shots per night and about 11 three-pointers per night. He is doing everything for Siena and that is going to continue all year. Durugordon does have a high ceiling and is turning himself into a volume shooter due to necessity for Siena.