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NCAA Basketball: Top 10 "two-time" transfers that'll impact rest of 2023-24 season

It has been about 3 weeks since the courts ruled in favor of two-time transfers. The sample size is still small but there have been some players who have stood out above the rest of the double transfers.

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8. Andre Curbelo - Southern Mississippi

Everyone should know the story of Curbelo by now. He is one of the most frustrating players to watch in college basketball. There are times when he does things that very few in the game can do. There are also times when Curbelo loses a ton of focus and acts like he doesn’t care. The times when it looks like Curbelo doesn’t care are far too frequent which is why the point guard finds himself at his third school in four years.

Curbelo came into Illinois and looked like a one and done prospect after his first season. The second season with Illinois did not go well at all. That led to the point guard transferring to St. John’s, then a coaching change led him to transfer to Southern Mississippi.

Curbelo is another guy who has already shown what type of player he is. He doesn’t shoot the ball with consistency and has only been over 20% from deep once in his career, is elite at getting to the rim, can be a fantastic passer and can fill up a stat sheet. His ceiling and floor are not much different.

Through two games for the Golden Eagles, he looks like a much different player. This year it looks like he has changed his shot a little bit to be more consistent, time will tell if it has changed or if it was the result of a small sample size. Curbelo is the most talented player for Southern Mississippi and if he continues to stay bought in he can help Southern Mississippi be one of the best teams in the Sun Belt.