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NCAA Basketball: UConn, North Carolina, Wisconsin rise in latest top 25 power rankings

Many NCAA Basketball programs lost in the past week, leaving teams such as UConn, North Carolina, and even Wisconsin, a chance to rise up the top-25 power rankings.

Purdue v Nebraska
Purdue v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages
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There are no quiet weeks in the college basketball universe, at least during the actual season. Whether in the opening weeks of the season or the middle of March Madness, this sport has a way of delivering with the action, intensity, and unexpected events. We’re between those two phases, sitting still in the first half of January with plenty to talk about already.

With college football now complete, the basketball world gets the attention for the coming months and it’s already been bringing the drama these first two months. We’ve seen teams overachieve and others fail to live up to expectations. We’ve seen some teams deal with injuries, suspensions, and other inconveniences.

When you put all of that together and multiply it you start to understand some semblance of this sport. The recent beginning to conference play has only increased the drama all over the country, from the smallest or weakest conferences all the way to the elite power leagues. The stories and stakes are very different but there’s intrigue abounding, and not only in power-heavy conferences like the Big Ten or ACC.

We’ll be continuing to look at the current state of this sport by presenting this week’s edition of the Top 25 rankings. A lot can happen in a single week, as we actually learned these past few days, and things can change in an instant on these rankings. Each passing day makes it both easier and harder to understand the top teams in the nation but we’ve given our best attempt at ranking them. Without further ado, let’s starting working through that current order.