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NCAA Basketball: What 3 teams pose the biggest threat to UConn's chance to repeat as National Champions?

Notre Dame v North Carolina
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1. Houston Cougars

  • 28-3 Overall, 15-3 in Big 12 (1st) 

The Houston Cougars are the most obvious and expected threat. But the odds are they will be on completely opposite sides of the 64-team bracket. This would mean if they meet, it very well could be in the National Championship. 

However, Kelvin Sampson is a prime example of a coach who has built a program into a constant year-by-year motor of success. They pry themselves on what they do on the defensive side of the ball and then translate that into offense led by Jamal Shead and LJ Cryer

Shead is averaging 13.8 PPG, while Cryer leads the team with 15.8 PPG. Houston has tournament experience, veteran guards, and athleticism inside. They play team defense as well as any team in the entire country. 

Transitioning from the AAC to the Big 12 with minimal struggle. Houston poses a threat to any team they face on their road to the Final Four. Especially, UConn, if the matchup presents itself. Both Uconn and Houston are expected to be the top two seeds in the NCAA Tournament bracket when Selection Sunday roles around this weekend.

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Now, have you noticed a common theme among these three teams? They all have depth, tournament experience, and the ability to score at a high clip while still playing defense. The well-rounded teams last. The one-sided teams don't.