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North Carolina Basketball: What does Cade Tyson bring to the table in Chapel Hill?

Cade Tyson has officially committed to UNC after a long-awaited announcement, despite heavy rumors that it was already a done deal with Carolina. 
Coach Davis is searching for much more as the 2024–2025 season approaches. 
Coach Davis is searching for much more as the 2024–2025 season approaches.  / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Coach Davis and the Tar Heels have secured their first commitment from the transfer portal, as Belmont's Cade Tyson will join the roster in the fall.

Tyson made his decision known to the public on April 28th, per Joe Tipton.

However, many fans may wonder, "What does he bring to the table?" Let's dig a little deeper.

Tyson is 6-foot-7 and weighs 205 pounds while listed as a guard, although he can play either the three or the four spot considering his height, which is excellent for Coach Davis and the kind of offense he uses. The rising junior averaged 16.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 1.6 assists as he shot 49.3 percent overall and 46.5 percent from deep—incredible numbers. From the free throw line, he clocks in at 85.5 percent.

Reading those shooting numbers may make you think to yourself, "Wow, over 45 percent from the three? This guy can shoot."

Yes, that is right, those numbers are no fluke, as Tyson was second in all of Division 1 basketball in terms of three-point percentage, as he was behind Koby Brea (someone who is also considering UNC) who plugged in 49.7 percent. In addition, he made 2.5 three-pointers per game, which puts him tied for 79th in the individual rankings.

Alright, enough about the stats, so now you're probably asking, "So what does he bring to the table?"

Tyson can stretch the floor and create optimal space for our guards and centers to get points in the paint much easier. It will be hard for opposing teams to double-team off of him, leading to easier points in the paint for Coach Davis' big men.

The departure of Harrison Ingram to the NBA Draft has left a hole at the four-spot; this is why Tyson's decision to wear a North Carolina jersey is so crucial. He may not be as strong compared to Ingram, so he won't play bully ball, but he will take his defender off the dribble and pull up from the mid-range at his size. Tyson relies on his shooting stroke way more than his post-up game, so be on the lookout for a much different style of play in the future.

The Monroe, North Carolina, native will add much-needed experience and depth at the wing spot and the frontcourt. It'll be very fun to watch how the coaching staff decides to use him, as he could play the small forward position if they choose to have a bigger lineup or play small ball, sliding him to the four.

This was only one of many decisions that Tar Heel fans are waiting for, as many more are still up in the air. Adou Thiero and Clifford Omoruyi can both make great impacts in Chapel Hill as well. Nonetheless, the roster is shaping up into another talented bunch that can make noise heading into next season.

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Coach Davis will be entering his fourth season (man, time flies) as UNC's head coach and is looking to reach the final Monday of the season once more.