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North Carolina Basketball: Why Seth Trimble coming back is huge for Tar Heels

Seth Trimble has taken his name out of the transfer portal. Why is this a good thing for Coach Davis?
Seth Trimble will look to improve off his stellar sophomore season.
Seth Trimble will look to improve off his stellar sophomore season. / G Fiume/GettyImages

Seth Trimble decided to swipe his name off the transfer portal boards and return to North Carolina for his junior year. It was an announcement that all Carolina fans were ecstatic to hear about, as their sixth man and best defensive presence around the perimeter will run it back. Coach Davis and staff were supportive regardless of Trimble's next move, but surely enough, they are proud to have him back on board.

You may ask, "Why is this move impactful for UNC?" Let me tell you. 

The projected guard situation for UNC's team next season complies with RJ Davis (assuming he ultimately returns, as sources report), Elliot Cadeau, and incoming freshman Ian Jackson. The backcourt of this past 2023–2024 season remains with the addition of an elite five-star in Jackson.

Even though all three guards have the knack to score, they are not defensive prowess the same way that Trimble is. The foundation of his game has been on the defensive end ever since he stepped on campus as a freshman.

His ability to hound the other team's best guard is truly evident and is such a vital piece off the bench that Coach Davis can call upon at any moment. Not too many teams have this kind of luxury where their lockdown player comes off the bench at the college level; more often than not, they're starting.

In case you are unaware of Trimble's stats from this past year, he racked up 5.2 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 0.9 assists, shooting 47 percent from the field. A very athletic and agile player who lives around the rim like there's no tomorrow. Many times throughout this past season, Trimble has displayed supreme high-flying skills, just like his older brother, JP Tokoto.

Yes, if you did not already know, those two guys are related, which makes complete sense considering their enjoyment of destroying the cup every chance they get.

Here are some clips of Trimble rocking the rim earlier this year.

You can't forget his poster against UC Riverside at the Dean Dome.

As I already mentioned, Trimble will do whatever it takes to elevate and break that rim; there's just no way around that. That's his game—that's who he is.

Trimble is in for a promising season, and he feels that North Carolina is his home. He discusses his thought process of entering the portal on Carolina Insider brought to us by Adam Lucas and Jones Angell: "In no part of my mind was I saying, 'Forget Carolina, I will never come back to Carolina.'"

"I'm so glad that I put my name in the portal at the end of the day because it really made me realize how much this place means to me, how much I love the coaches here, the family I've built over the last few years," he says.

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The Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, native sounds more than happy for everything that has happened thus far, giving him a better idea of where his heart truly lies. There's no doubt that Tar Heels all over the country are feeling the same way. The love is mutual between Trimble and his fans.

Welcome back, No. 7.