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Ranking the 8 best backcourts in the West Region of the NCAA Tournament

Let's take a look at which backcourts could help their team the most in the West Region of the NCAA Tournament.

Feb 28, 2024; Oxford, Mississippi, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide guard Aaron Estrada (55) embraces Mark Sears (1) on the court.
Feb 28, 2024; Oxford, Mississippi, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide guard Aaron Estrada (55) embraces Mark Sears (1) on the court. / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
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. . . West Backcourts. Jaelen House. . . 6. Donovan Dent. 507

New Mexico has hit a bit of a hot streak to vault themselves into the NCAA Tournament and I think they are a dangerous team because of their backcourt. The Lobos's top three players are their guards and their best guard is Jaelen House.

House averages 16.1 points per game, but where he excels is getting the ball to others for assists. He averages 3.5 assists per game. House is a player that can be dangerous because teams know he can score, but once he pulls the defense, that is where is good at getting the ball to someone who as a better chance at scoring.

House is coupled with Donovan Dent who averages 14.3 points per game and is also dangerous at getting other the ball with 5.6 assists per game. Both players are dangerous when they are making plays. Their eyes are constantly scanning. Dent is also dangerous because when he puts up shots, he is good with a 52.3 field goal percentage.

If both of these players get hot at the same time, it would be tough for even the best teams to stop them. This si duo you might want to circle when it comes to filling out your bracket.

2286. West Backcourts. . . . Jarod Lucas. Kenan Blackshear. . . 5

Nevada has guards that can shoot the ball and shoot the ball well. Both players I am going to talk about have a field goal percentage over 40 percent.

Jarod Lucas is the better of the two guards averaging 17.8 points a game, but just 1.5 assists per game. He shoots 42.2 percent from the floor, but he shoots the three-ball well with a 39.7 three-point field goal percentage.

Lucas is joined in the backcourt by Kenan Blackshear who averages 15.1 points per game but is better than Lucas with 4.9 assists per game. Blackshear has good vision on the court getting the ball to the open man, but he struggles from beyond the arc. If teams want to get Blackshear off his game, they just need to force him to shoot the three-ball.

With both players averaging over 15 points a game, this is a dangerous duo and could easily score more than half of the points for their team.