Busting Brackets

Reseeding the Sweet 16 after a raucous opening March Madness weekend

Let's take a look at the 16 teams left in the NCAA Tournament and give some of them some new seeds.
Mar 23, 2024; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; North Carolina State Wolfpack guard Casey Morsell (14) celebrates with DJ Burns (30) after the Wolfpack punch their ticket to the Sweet 16 with a win over Oakland.
Mar 23, 2024; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; North Carolina State Wolfpack guard Casey Morsell (14) celebrates with DJ Burns (30) after the Wolfpack punch their ticket to the Sweet 16 with a win over Oakland. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Brackets were made and brackets have been broken as we have our Sweet 16 matchups. After a crazy first and second round of the NCAA Tournament the Sweet 16 is set with a mix of teams everyone thought would be there and some that are a surprise.

All eight 1-seed and 2-seed escaped the first and second rounds without becoming infamous upsets early. The lowest seed still remaining is the amazing Cinderella story NC State team who has survived as an 11-seed after their magical run in the ACC Tournament to get the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

So with 16 teams left, let's have some fun and re-seed them and see who had raised thier seeding and who has maybe fallen.

1-Seeds: UConn, North Carolina, Purdue, Houston

All four 1-seeds remain where they are. However, Purdue and UConn strengthened their positions by having dominating games in the first two rounds. The Boilermakers and Huskies were able to handle their first-round games with ease and then when faced with tough second-round games were able to show their dominance.

North Carolina and Houston were dominant in their first-round games and moved on with easy. However, when faced with tougher opponents in the second round, both teams played in close games with upsets being a possibility.

The 1-seeds remain the powerhouses of the NCAA Tournament and currently look any one of them could win it all.

2-Seeds: Tennessee, Arizona, Iowa State, Illinois

Three of the four 2-seeds remain the same, but I am upgrading Illinois to a two-seed based on their play and Marquette's games being closer they they should have been for a 2-seed ranking. Tennessee has looked like the most dominant SEC team in the NCAA Tournament after a poor showing in the opening rounds.

Arizona and Iowa State struggled a little in the first half of their first-round games but were able to close out strong in the second half. They then went and played well in their second games to allow them to keep thier seeding. Illinois played similarly to Arizona and Iowa State in how they still dominated their first two games which is why I bumped up their seeding.

3-Seeds: Marquette, Duke, Creighton, Gonzaga

Creighton and Illinois are the only two 3-seeds standing in the NCAA Tournament after Kentucky was upset in the first round and Baylor in the second round. Illinois got moved up to a 2-seed thier their play in the first two rounds and Creighton remains a 3-seed.

Creighton has played well, but they had to go to double overtime to beat Oregon in the second round. Now I didn't move them down to a four-seed because I believe Oregon was a great team that also should have been seeded higher.

Marquette moves down from a 2-seed to a 3-seed based on thier play in the first two rounds. They were the team picked most to be upset in the first round of the NCAA bracket challenge. They allowed Western Kentucky to stick around until they finally pulled away in the end and then it came down to the wire against Colorado in the second round. Marquette is good, but they probably should have seeded a little lower to begin with.

Gonzaga is a 5-seed in the tournament and probably would have been seeded higher if they had beat Saint Mary's in the WCC Tournament Championship. They got favorable matchups in the first and second rounds beating a McNeese team that was hot and then a struggling Kansas team without thier leading scorer. They will be able to prove themselves more if they can knock out 1-seed Purdue in the Sweet 16.

4-Seeds: Alabama, Clemson, San Diego State, NC State

We round out the re-seeding with the 4-seeds. Alabama and Duke were the only four seeds to make it through the first two rounds. Auburn was upset by Yale in the first round and Kansas was beat by Gonzaga in the second round. Alabama remains a 4-seed as they kept things somewhat close with Charleston in the first round and Grand Canyon in the second round. They now have a matchup with North Carolina and could up their seeding if they can take down the Tar Heels.

Clemson, San Diego State, and NC State were all automatically moved up to 4-seeds based on this being a 4-seed ranking. However, all of these teams could have made cases to be seeded higher to begin with.

Clemson is a team that came out of left field to make it to the Sweet 16. After struggling towards the end of the regular season and in the ACC Tournament, the Tigers beat a hot New Mexico team in the first round and then a strong Baylor team in the second round. Clemson is hot right now and was able to beat both of these strong teams with ease.

San Diego State had their struggles in their first two games against UAB and Yale. The game against UAB was a lot closer than it should have been, but the Aztecs were able to beat a Yale team that was on top of the world after upsetting Auburn.

Our final team is my personal favorite. NC State is on one of the best hot streaks I have seen. They won five straight games in the ACC Tournament to win the automatic bid to simply make it to the tournament. Now they have upset Texas Tech and then had an easier matchup against Oakland, a team that upset Kentucky in the first round. The Wolfpack has been in win-or-go-home mode for a while now and I believe that is why they have been so good. They should have been seeded higher than an 11-seed, but they have proven themselves now and I can't wait to see how much further they go.