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Rick Barnes and 4 other head coaches to not trust while filling out your 2024 bracket

Tennessee Volunteers head coach Rick Barnes.
Tennessee Volunteers head coach Rick Barnes. / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA
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6-11 NCAA Tournament record. . Greg McDermott. Greg McDermott. . 2328. . Greg McDermott. GM. player

Despite always having a winning season and repeatedly finishing at the top of the Big East conference, Greg McDermott and the Bluejays have never been able to bring home a national title.

The farthest that McDermott has taken Creighton was the Elite Eight in 2023 where they heartbreakingly lost to San Diego State by just one point.

Greg McDermott
Creighton v San Diego State / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Over the 14 years that McDermott has been in control of the Bluejays, Creighton has gone 323-158 overall (67.2 percent win rate). However, they have repeatedly been upset and eliminated during March Madness.

This year, the Bluejays have already been eliminated from the Big East Tournament by Providence in the quarterfinals.

I wouldn't put any money on Creighton in the NCAA Tournament while McDermott is still its head coach.