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Seton Hall Basketball: 3 takeaways from Pirates home win over St. John's Red Storm

Seton Hall v Georgetown
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3. Dylan Addae-Wusu's revenge game was as advertized

Dylan Addae-Wusu originally transferred from St. John's this offseason, the hire of Rick Pitino led to him heading out of Queens, and finding a new home in South Orange. Early in the year, it was a question as to whether he would remain in the starting lineup, but now he has fit onto this team quite well. In his first time seeing his old team, he starred with 16 points 10 rebounds, and five assists.

Not only was this game huge for his overall season in which he gets that revenge out of the way, but it is another game for him to gel with this unit, and show what type of contributor he can continue to be. And he will probably show up with even more energy once this matchup happens in Queens, so that will be quite special to watch once that game happens. His three-point shooting has really improved with three makes in this game, and for a team that is not exactly great from the perimeter, his going from three would be a huge boost to this offense in the future.

Addae-Wusu gave this team a huge spark early on, and just boasts this overall game that is hard to find from guards in the Big East Conference, but the Pirates found a good one by taking this one from the Red Storm. Coach Shaheen Holloway with this season is proving to be a great transfer portal head coach, and Addae-Wusu is another example of that.