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Seton Hall Basketball: 3 takeaways from Pirates home win over St. John's Red Storm

Seton Hall v Georgetown
Seton Hall v Georgetown / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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2. The Margin of victory was beyond impressive

Even without Pitino, this was still supposed to be quite the close game even at home for these Seton Hall Pirates. However, that was just not the case, and while St. John's stuck around and fought their way to keep this a game, it really was never within reach all game. 15 points is the same margin that they took down UConn back in the beginning of Big East Play, so this home court of the Prudential Center has proved to be very effective.

The past few games for Seton Hall have been close, and it was still a question as to whether or not this magic for Seton Hall would run out at some point. Al-Amir Dawes made sure this team kept winning though, he came through with 21 points that included three made threes and eight free throws. Kadary Richmond did not have the same performance as his BUtler game, but he still contributed well with 12 points, nine rebounds, and four assists.

Seton Hall just got a great game out of everybody, and it was a good sign for them to play a game they did not have to sweat much over. This included a ridiculous 28-0 run that just does not sound real when you say it out loud. Wins of this variety are hard to come by, so these Pirates need to enjoy it for as long as they can until the Creighton game.