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Seton Hall Basketball: 3 takeaways from Pirates' painful loss to Providence

Creighton v Seton Hall
Creighton v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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2. Isaiah Coleman getting experience was important

The circumstances of this situation were not how you want to see your touted freshman go out and get experience, but the Pirates got a chance to see what Isaiah Coleman has for this squad going forward. His athletic talent is obvious every time he steps on the floor, it is just the confidence that needs to see growth with more minutes and playing time. This was a big moment for him, and he showed up when injury forced Shaheen Holloway's hand to give Coleman some major time.

Offensively, he was efficient in his 32 minutes with a 5-8 shooting performance for 11 points, and he tagged in five rebounds, a steal, and a block. While he was a bit timid on the offensive end, he was solid on defense and it is clear he can perform when given the opportunity. Asking him to replace the production of Richmond was not the task he was given, but he did just enough of what was asked of him in this game. Holloway tried putting in some younger guys more in this game as well, but they stuck it out with the main five but swapping Richmond out for Coleman due to the injury.

There was not enough of a performance to clamor for Coleman to see a heavily increased minutes load, but if Richmond is out for another game, his talent is there to help this team out. Seton Hall just cannot afford to miss Richmond for their next matchup against Marquette, so the Pirates have to hope for the best when it comes to his health. But for Coleman, he did a solid job and could see some more time going forward.