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Seton Hall Basketball: Why Pirates deserve to be an NCAA Tournament team

DePaul v Seton Hall
DePaul v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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This roster is too talented to leave out of any bracket

The Seton Hall Pirates have been one of the more dynamic teams in the nation this season, and if they are to make the NCAA Tournament, they will be a fun team to watch given their talent. Their star, Kadary Richmond was a competitor for Big East Player of the Year and emerged as one of the best point guards in all of college basketball.

Their shooting comes from Al-Amir Dawes, who is a crafty point guard and a volume shooter who can get hot at a moment's notice. While three-point shooting is not their specialty, Dawes still gives this team that aspect they need.

Forward Dre Davis also had a resurgence this season after missing time last year with an injury, and transfer Jaden Bediako has been phenomenal down low coming out of Santa Clara. The point is, this team has talent on all ends of the floor, and they have the players to compete in the NCAA Tournament.

Not to say they will contend for a title, but their ability to play with physicality, and bruise through matchups is a recipe that can upset just about anybody if you get the right game from the opposition. Their nonconference does not show this, but they have gotten better as the season progressed, and the team that is currently here has been impressive enough to earn their spot to keep their season alive.