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Seton Hall Basketball: Why Pirates deserve to be an NCAA Tournament team

DePaul v Seton Hall
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We all remember the last time Shaheen Holloway was in March Madness, right?

For those who may have forgotten, Shaheen Holloway was the head coach of a Saint Peters team that went on a miraculous run in the 2022 NCAA Tournament. They became the first 15-seed to make the Elite Eight and caught the country by storm with their Cinderella run.

This allowed Holloway to emerge as a great game planner and showed that if you give him a group of guys who buy into his program, they can make special things happen. Coach Holloway has more talent on this roster than he did with that Peacock team, so if he does end up in the NCAA Tournament, there may be a bit of magic left from that Peacock feather he brought with him to South Orange.

Not to say you should let in a team based on history alone, but Holloway has also done such a great job in keeping this program afloat after the departure of Kevin Willard. And just looking at this season alone, he has his team in a position to compete not just in the Big East Tournament, but with whoever their first-round matchup is in March, and beyond. This has not been the smoothest season for Seton Hall in the second half, but there should be no doubt they deserve a spot in the big dance.

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The Pirates have solid enough Quad 1 wins, they hit the 20-win mark, and they compete in one of the toughest conferences in the nation. They have done enough to get in, it is all about if they are recognized enough to make that final bracket.