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Seton Hall’s great stretch, Bryce Hopkins’ injury among Big East Basketball storylines

With Big East Basketball play now underway, teams have faced struggles, and others have been on hot streaks. So what teams have made headlines for better or for worse this past week?

Marquette v Seton Hall
Marquette v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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4. Seton Hall is on fire 

When Seton Hall beat UConn but lost to Xavier, it was not clear as to what this Seton Hall team was, but now they are threatening to make the top 25. They picked up a win against ranked Providence and followed that up with a home win against a top-ten team at the time in Marquette. This gave Shaheen Holloway and these Pirates their third-ranked win of the season, and this team is in a position to be special this year. 

They have gotten great play out of lead guard Kadary Richmond, and Al-Amir Dawes has recovered from his early season struggles, plus the play of Jaden Bediako down low has been a surprise that makes this team competitive in all areas of the floor. It is now time to start talking about the Seton Hall Pirates and the NCAA Tournament in the same sentence, which is already exceeding expectations for this season. 

 They have not found a way into the top 25 just yet, but with their next games being against Georgetown, Butler, and St Johns, while they are not easy games, they are opportunities to bolster their resume on the road. This team is now a threat to compete with anybody in this conference after beating three of the ranked teams the Big East provides, it is just up to Seton Hall to remain consistent, and not just be a flash in the pan.

Coach Shaheen Holloway has fended off the critics with this past stretch, but again, consistency is what needs to be proven at this point.