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Social media dumbfounded by cheap technical foul called on Kevin Keatts

Social media couldn't believe the technical foul that NC State head coach Kevin Keatts got in the second half of the Elite 8 game vs. Duke.

NC State v Duke
NC State v Duke / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

In the second half of NC State's Elite 8 game against Duke, NC State head coach Kevin Keatts was hit with a puzzling technical foul. It came at a time when the game was in the balance with the Wolfpack leading 48-40.

Keatts was apparently hit with the "T" because he was outside the coaching box. That's a rule that is seldomly enforced in college hoops.

Naturally, social media had plenty to say about the call. As you can imagine, most were sympathetic to Keatts.

Since that call, NC State has held onto the lead as they currently have a 60-50 lead over the Blue Devils. Thus, it doesn't appear that the call is going to be what this game hinges on, fortunately.

Still, many see this as an example of a pro-Duke bias from the officials and perhaps the NCAA. Whether or not that is true is going to be up to each individual but it does make for some fun social media fodder.

Of course, the nation is enjoying Keatts' team and its run through March. After going just 17-14 in the regular season and entering the postseason on a four-game losing streak, the Pack is on the verge of a Final Four run after winning five games in five days to win the ACC Tournament title.

By doing so, Keatts has coached his way off a potential hot seat and into the hearts of people across the country.