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Social media erupts with Duke haters after Blue Devils get bounced from ACC Tourney

College basketball fans did not hold back after Duke was upset by 10-seed NC State in their first game of the ACC Tournament.
Duke v NC State
Duke v NC State / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

College basketball fans have had the best 24 hours possible. Blue bloods Duke and Kansas both lost in their first games of their respective conference tournaments. Isn't March just great?

Now this article is going to focus more on Duke losing because, in a sense, it was expected that Kansas was going to lose or at least struggle a lot without both of their leading scorers. However, Duke was at full strength and even had a double bye to start the ACC Tournament and still was upset by 10-seed NC State.

Of course, NC State and UNC fans have had the most fun trolling the Blue Devils on social media, but fans of all schools have chipped in just to add salt to the wound.

So here are some of the funniest and most trolling posts we could find on X (formally known as Twitter) about Duke's loss to NC State.

Cleary everyone in America except for Duke fans wins in this scenario.

Apparently after the game, Duke's social media did not allow comments or replies on their posts, which just made the trolling worse. After some time they allowed comments and replies, but it didn't help much.

I mean they aren't wrong, and honestly, they set themselves up for this if they lost, which they did.

These will be a long few days before the Blue Devils find out when, where, and who they will be playing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. However, it isn't crazy to say that Duke has a lot to talk about and figure out before they step on the court again.

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