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The Husker Hex lives on: Nebraska basketball living with horribly dubious distinction

Nebraska is one of a kind... in a category that teams avoid like the plague. With eight appearances in the NCAA Tournament, the Cornhuskers are the only Power 6 team without a win.

Texas A&M v Nebraska
Texas A&M v Nebraska / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Husker Hex is exactly what it sounds like. A curse on the Corn. Torment in the tournament.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have played in the NCAA Tournament First Round eight times. The Nebraska Cornhuskers have played in the NCAA Tournament Second Round zero times.

Sound unusual? It is.

Despite Nebraska's eight separate appearances in March Madness, the Cornhuskers have exactly zero wins in the Big Dance.

Sitting with a 0-8 all-time record in the NCAA Tournament, Nebraska is the only Power 6 program without a March Madness win.

This year, Nebraska earned the No. 8 seed in its region. The Huskers had a deep run in the Big Ten tournament and were looking poised to see the same kind of journey through the NCAA Tournament.

Sadly... No, devastatingly, the Husker Hex made itself known once again.

At halftime, Nebraska was trailing the Texas A&M Aggies by a stunning 14 points. At the end of 40 minutes, the Cornhuskers had lost.

For the eighth consecutive NCAA Tournament apperance, Nebraska went home after just one game.

Nebraska basketball history in the NCAA Tournament

Nebraska first made its way to the Big Dance in 1986 as the No. 9 seed. The Huskers played Western Kentucky in the Round of 64 and were immediately sent packing.

In a four year stretch from 1991-94, the Cornhuskers saw similar fates to their first NCAA Tournament apperance. Nebraska lost to Xavier, UConn, New Mexico State, and Penn in consecutive First Round appearances.

As an 11-seed in 1998 and in 2014, Nebraska was eliminated after the first round by Arkansas and Baylor, respectively.

The Husker Hex is real and alive, and all who root for Nebraska should beware.

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