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The most intriguing 2024 NCAA Tournament Round of 32 games

Heading into the second round of the 2024 NCAA Tournament, these are three games you don't want to miss.
Saint Peter's v Tennessee
Saint Peter's v Tennessee / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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No. 7. 467. . Saturday, March 23, 2024. 2024 round of 32 2. No. 2. 534. . 8:00 PM

MIDWEST REGION: Texas vs Tennessee

A Rick Barnes reunion. The head coach of Tennessee will face his former team, Texas, in a battle between the Orange. Texas is led by veteran guards Max Abmas and Tyrese Hunter, while forward Dylan Disu also provides a key outlet for leadership and offensive and defensive efficiency. 

Although Dillon Mitchell's athleticism was on full display in Texas's first-round win over Colorado State, Mitchell leads the team in rebounds with 7.7, while Abmas leads in points with 17.1 and assists with 4.3 per game. 

Tennessee, on the other hand, handled St. Peter's right from the jump. The Volunteers got out to a double-digit lead early and never looked back, led by Dalton Knecht who scored 23 points and and gathered eight rebounds. 

Tennessee could have its hands full with a Texas team full of skill and talent. However, the Longhorns will need to be able to open up a higher clip of offense if they want to advance to the Sweet 16. 56 points is not the magic number that will cut it in a game against Tennessee, who is coming off a 90-point game. If Texas can defend at the level they did vs. Colorado State and translate turnovers into offense, as well as get Max Abmas going early on, The Longhorns could be poised for an upset.