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Tony Stubblefield out at DePaul Triple overtime with Seton Hall and Creighton, among Big East Storylines

Creighton v Seton Hall
Creighton v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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As we are starting to get to the midway point of the season when it comes to Big East Basketball, teams have now built their identity. We are also at the point where these games matter a lot more, and that leads to some close action between all these teams. We saw this with a triple overtime thriller between Seton Hall and Creighton, which despite some questionable officiating, found itself as an early contender for game of the year.

UConn holds its place at the top of the conference, but there are plenty of teams still vying for that top spot in the conference. Seton Hall is just a game back, while Creighton, Marquette, Villanova, and Xavier all have only three losses so far. This conference is shaping up to have plenty of bids when it comes to NCAA Tournament time, but time will tell how these teams shape up in the next few weeks.

Some teams had cold stretches but have found their way to climb back up, and others have been unable to find their way again after some tough losses. At this point of the season, the top half and bottom half of the conference are starting to define themselves a bit more, and it is a bit easier to keep an eye on the top competitors more closely.

But sometimes, being a contender, and being out of the race can be changed by just one play, which we saw in the overtime thriller just a few days ago. So what storylines came out of another great week of Big East Basketball?