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Tony Stubblefield out at DePaul Triple overtime with Seton Hall and Creighton, among Big East Storylines

Creighton v Seton Hall
Creighton v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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5. Seton Hall and Creighton, triple overtime classic

In one of the best games this conference has produced in quite a long time, the Creighton Blue Jays kept their strong season going with a triple-overtime victory on the road against the red-hot Seton Hall Pirates. This was one of those games where both teams deserved to win, but at some point, one team has to put a loss in that column.

There were calls that a lot of Seton Hall fans would argue were incorrect, and they may have a case when it comes to a play where a foul was called on Creighton that prevented a basket from scoring. This eventually led to the Pirates being unable to take the lead, and the game had to continue into three overtimes. Unfortunately, you cannot go back and change that even if it was completely wrong so the Pirates have to recover.

For a team that was so hot, the Pirates may struggle to get back to form, but they do have Providence, DePaul, and Georgetown as three of their next four matchups. They do run into Marquette on the road during that stretch, but a lot of their hardest games are behind them.

For Creighton, this is a win that keeps them as contenders for the top spot, or even just a higher seed in the Big East. They take on Xavier twice, Butler twice, Providence, DePaul, and Georgetown in their next stretch of games, so they can take this momentum and go win a bunch of games now. The rematch in Omaha, and potentially the Big East Tournament, will be a great game, but they both have to use this game to fuel them the rest of the way.