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Tony Stubblefield out at DePaul Triple overtime with Seton Hall and Creighton, among Big East Storylines

Creighton v Seton Hall
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2. Georgetown's struggles continue

This has been quite a strange season for the Georgetown Hoyas and the beginning of the Ed Cooley era in Washington D.C. Their nonconference slate was not bad not great, but they have just not been able to put it together in Big East play. And while the expectations had to be low when bringing in a new head coach, this has turned out to be a very low point for this program.

Their record has fallen to under. 500 at 8-10, and their 1-6 Big East record only features a win over DePaul. They have had moments like their game against Xavier, or an earlier matchup against Seton Hall where they have been competitive against some pretty solid opponents. But then they have games like Marquette where they got blown out by 30. There is clearly still a lot to figure out for Cooley and these Hoyas, but there have not been a ton of signs that these struggles will turn around soon.

Jayden Epps has played very well this season and Supreme Cooks has had his moments, but it will take time for Cooley to bring in the talent necessary to win Big East games. In terms of making a call on Cooley and his fit at Georgetown, his pedigree has still earned him plenty of time to work things through, and the huge financial commitment to him means this era is going to continue. This is just going to be a multi-year project and not the quick-fix rebuild that is expected from the NIL era of college basketball.