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Tony Stubblefield out at DePaul Triple overtime with Seton Hall and Creighton, among Big East Storylines

Creighton v Seton Hall
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1. Tony Stubblefield out at DePaul

This did not happen last week, but this was too big of a story to not include in this week's storylines. A move that we have all seen coming, but were not sure if the DePaul would wait until the end of the season to begin the process of hiring a new coach for a program that has desperately needed a turnaround. Tony Stubblefield is out at DePaul after a 3-15 start to the year, and an 0-7 beginning to Big East play.

It has not been a secret that DePaul has been the doormat of this conference for the past few seasons, although there was some promise early on there has just not been much success for this program recently. They finished 10-23 last season and showed only regression this season.

While new leadership is needed at the helm of this program, they are going to need an absolute home-run hire if they want to turn things around. This team plays in such a competitive Big East Conference and does not have the big-time financial support that these other programs like UConn have to go and get players. To say this program needs a miracle worker to become a contender in the Big East is not a stretch in the slightest.

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At the very least, DePaul needs someone who can stabilize things, and just make the Blue Demons a respectable program that good players would want to sign up and play for. If their next hire does not go well, their membership in the Big East could be up in the air, so things will need to start looking up sooner rather than later. But for now, Matt Brady will serve as the interim head coach, and then the search begins for a new leader in Chicago.