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UConn Basketball: 3 keys for Huskies to defeat Alabama in Final Four matchup

San Diego State v Connecticut
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3. Do not let Alabama's big three get going

Mark Sears, Aaron Estrada, Grant Nelson, those are the names to circle more than once when it comes to this Alabama squad. Rylan Griffen is also a solid scorer and contributor, but that big three sticks out.

Sears puts up 21.5 points per night, and he has emerged as a star throughout this tournament. Nelson has been a beast on the board from his spot, leading the team with 5.6 rebounds per game. And the Hofstra transfer in Estrada gives you scoring along with solid passing as he leads the team with 4.7 assists per game.

If the Huskies can slow down just one of these players, they will put themselves in a position to allow their own stars to make some noise. The Huskies have also done a great job all season long just dominating defensively, their offense has not needed to be on fire to win them games.

They need to establish physicality against these players early on in this game, while they will find a way to make some solid contributions, the Huskies have plenty of talent to slow them down. Obviously, this is much easier said than done, but these stars have been the reason Alabama has gotten this far in their tournament. Their bench has talent as well, but they do not have the scoring that the top of their lineup provides. You stop stars by putting pressure on them, and that is exactly what this team needs to do.