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UConn Basketball: Ranking all 6 of Huskies' total national championships

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament   - National Championship
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6. 2022-2023, The First of a Back to Back

The 2023 National Championship being at this spot is not an insult to it, but more of a statement of how great the other five are. Dan Hurley got his first Championship at UConn just a year ago, and this team showed that this program was absolutely back on the map.

In the third season back in the Big East Conference, they ended up finishing fourth in the conference's regular season slate and then lost to eventual champion Marquette in the semi-finals. UConn would get a four-seed in the NCAA Tournament, but that did not stop them from making a run.

They got some good matchups by taking on three total five seeds, and their highest seed faced was three-seeded Gonzaga, which was a huge blowout. This team was simply dominant and won all of their games by double-digits, similar to how they went out and did it this year.

The Huskies were led by star center Adama Sanogo, who also did a great job in helping develop Donovan Clingan for the next year. This team also transferred in Tristen Newton, Joey Calcaterra, Nahiem Alleyne, and Hassan Diarra, who all made great impacts. This team also sent Jordan Hawkins and Andre Jackson Jr. to the NBA, so this team had the talent to be a top seed but just lost some games in the regular season.

It is not super often you see teams at the four-seed win National Championships, but the Huskies beat the odds with this run and finished it with a destruction of San Diego State, and Hurley had his first title.

This team may become a bit forgotten in comparison to the second part of the back-to-back, but the foundation this team laid is what led to that title, and the potential ones to come.