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UNC Basketball: 3 keys to beating Oklahoma in the Jumpman Invitational

Jimmy V Classic - Connecticut v North Carolina
Jimmy V Classic - Connecticut v North Carolina / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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1) Stop getting pushed around on the glass

The best Carolina teams destroy their opponents on the boards, and with UNC's all-time leading rebounder up front, one would expect rebounding to be a strength of this Tar Heels team. Judging by the last two games, though, one would be wrong.

Armando Bacot hasn't looked like himself, and as a result, the Tar Heels were out-rebounded by double digits against both UConn and Kentucky. Obviously, rebounding needs to be a total team effort, but it's concerning that a Kentucky team that has struggled with offensive rebounding was able to grab 18 against Carolina, while Bacot only had six total rebounds for the game.

If Carolina had difficulties keeping the Wildcats off the glass, they're really not going to enjoy playing the Sooners. Porter Moser has a deep bench, and he's not afraid to use it. Eight Sooners play more than 17 minutes per game, and as a team, they grab more than a third of their own misses.

Senior Sam Godwin and junior John Hugley IV lead the Sooners in rebounding, and at 6'10" each, they'll make Bacot work for everything he gets. Work he must, though, because Carolina will never reach its full potential if it doesn't get the best version of their big man. Here's hoping that this is the game that gets Bacot back on track.