Conference Expansion: Missouri Wants An Invite From the SEC

The conference expansion wheel continues to spin round and round, and as for where or when it stops, well, nobody quite knows.

One of the hot teams in the expansion subject as of late has been Missouri. Unfortunately, things have been completely back and forth with them, as one minute it sounds like they’re for sure heading to the SEC, and the next minute they’re totally relaxed at the thought of remaining in the Big 12.

But hey, that’s just the way it is in this whole deal. Anything can and will happen.

The latest rumor surrounding the Tigers is that they really, really wanted the Big Ten to reach out to them concerning potential membership for the conference…..but are now really wanting an invite (LONG story) from the SEC.

No surprise here, as it’s clear why they would have pursued the Big Ten first. In terms of location, the Big Ten made a whole lot of sense for Missouri. They just feel like a Big Ten school for some reason.

But without any interest from that conference, the SEC was obviously going to be their second choice.

I think with this much uncertainty, it does seem like Missouri will be a member of the SEC at some point. But again, this is an SEC decision. Not a Missouri decision.

Missouri might really, really want to get out of the Big 12. However, unless the Big Ten or SEC decides to go after them, they don’t have much of a say as to where they go.

The feeling has to be mutual. And even though they may not be admitting it, you would have to believe that there is at least some kind of interest there from the SEC. Then again, maybe’s there not. Then again, maybe there is.

Ahhhhh…..just another day in the world of conference expansion.

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