Nike unveils some sick new uniforms for traditional powerhouses

Now that is some nice looking uniforms. My personal favorite is the Michigan State Spartans. Still, I enjoy each one of them for their throwback like style and awesomeness.

Those are the newest throwback attempt uniforms by Nike. Obviously, however, they are only catering those designs to programs who are a member of the Nike family. Still, it makes me wish they had every program in the nation under their umbrella, because I really, really like them. Call me a selfish jerkface, I don’t care.

According to Nike’s press release:

All seven uniforms honor each school’s winning tradition with special logos, scripts and colors mined from each program’s past.

The uniforms will make their debut on-court beginning in early February. Dates include Michigan State vs. Georgetown (2/1), Ohio State vs. Michigan (2/11), Duke vs. Maryland (2/15), Kentucky vs. Florida (2/15), Syracuse vs. Boston College (2/19), UNC vs. Wake Forest (2/22) and Oregon vs. Washington State (2/23).

Listen, I don’t give a flying poop what they honor. I just know they look cooler than a cucumber on the opposite side of the pillow or something.

What are your thoughts? Love them? Hate them? Indifferent? I know the tops and the bottoms being different colors isn’t for everyone, still….

Can you dig it, SUCKAAA!

Yeah. I wanted to go with The Warriors version of can you dig it, but YouTube is a dangerous place. Gotta get in and get out or you’ll be left behind like Kirk Cameron.

Okay. I am done. I swear.

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