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Michigan State at Michigan: 2022-23 college basketball game preview, TV schedule

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo shakes hands with forward Joey Hauser as he comes off the court against Duke during the second half of MSU's 85-76 loss in the second round of the NCAA tournament on Sunday, March 20, 2022, in Greenville, South Carolina.
Michigan State coach Tom Izzo shakes hands with forward Joey Hauser as he comes off the court against Duke during the second half of MSU's 85-76 loss in the second round of the NCAA tournament on Sunday, March 20, 2022, in Greenville, South Carolina. /

This rivalry between these two teams from the state of Michigan that will take place this weekend was in doubt as the Spartans had already canceled their game on Wednesday after the tragedy that took place on campus, Monday night but it was decided to play this game on Saturday night.

16-9. 486. 485. FOX. Saturday, Feb 18. 14-12. . 8 PM ET

Team Profiles heading into this game

486. . Conference Record: 8-6. . Spartans . . team

Michigan State

Best Wins: Kentucky (86-77), Oregon (74-70), at Penn State (67-58), Villanova (73-71), Michigan (59-53), at Wisconsin (69-65), Rutgers (70-57), Iowa (63-61), Maryland (63-58), and at Ohio State (62-41)

Notable Defeats: Gonzaga (63-64), Alabama (70-81), Northwestern (63-70), at Notre Dame (52-70), at Illinois (66-75), Purdue (63-64), at Indiana (69-82), at Purdue (61-77), and at Rutgers (55-61)

KenPom Ranking: 31

College Basketball Power Index Ranking: 41

Sagarin Ranking: 23

NET Ranking: 35

Quadrant 1 Wins: Seven

Quadrant 2 Victories: Two

Quadrant 3 Wins: Three

team. 485. . Conference Record: 8-7. . Wolverines .


Best Wins: Pittsburg (91-60), Ohio (70-66), Maryland (81-46), Penn State (79-69), Northwestern (85-78), Ohio State (77-69), and at Northwestern (68-51)

Notable Defeats: Arizona State (62-87), North Carolina (76-80), Kentucky (69-73), Virginia (68-70), Central Michigan (61-63), at Michigan State (53-59), at Iowa (84-93), at Maryland (58-64), Purdue (70-75), at Penn State (61-83), Indiana (61-62), and at Wisconsin (59-64)

KenPom Ranking: 51

College Basketball Power Index Ranking: 69

Sagarin Ranking: 39

NET Ranking: 72

Quadrant 1 Wins: Three

Quadrant 2 Victories: Three

Quadrant 3 Wins: Two

Game Overview

This game in the bigger picture will be very different from previous games between these two schools. On Monday night, three Michigan State students lost their lives as an armed gunman went into Berkey Hall and then to the Student Union and opened fire on students and faculty. Five students were also in critical condition after the shooting and classes were canceled for the rest of the week. Athletic events were also canceled this week including Michigan State’s scheduled home game against Minnesota. It wasn’t until late Thursday that the Spartans decided to play their game against the Wolverines on Saturday.

Mich State head coach Tom Izzo spoke at the vigil honoring and remembering the victims of the campus shooting. He also told the story of his son Steven who went to pick up his girlfriend at the Student Union from her class and was told by the police to leave. Izzo also said in regard to this weekend’s game against Michigan, “It’s Michigan week. It’s a big week, it makes you realize games are important but not as important as some things.”

This game between these two rivals will have a different atmosphere Saturday night and the University of Michigan will have a 30-second moment of silence will take place with the Crisler Center illuminated in green and white by LED wristbands that will be disturbed to all fans.  2,000 designed shirts will be available to ticket holders and the Maize Rage, Michigan’s student cheering section. In that area, a 12-foot by eight-foot “Spartan Strong” flag will be displayed. This game will be a game against two rivals but it will be a time were both teams will come together to honor the victims of the shooting this past Monday on Michigan State’s campus.

The game itself in this storied and traditional rivalry between these two programs from the Big Ten and the state of Michigan should be a close game. Each team has different basketball objectives as this is a must-win game for the Wolverines in terms of their chances of making the NCAA tournament and the Spartans look to move up to the top tier of the Big Ten Standings.

However, this game will have a different feel to it, and the most important thing to remember is that as much as the fans of both schools enjoy this rivalry and want their team to win, what happened earlier this week showed us that there are more important things in life than the outcome of a basketball game.

Rivalry History and Game Prediction

Last 10 games of this rivalry: The Spartans have each won seven out of the last ten games against the Wolverines.

Current Win Streak: State has won the last game between these two schools, having a one-game winning streak in this rivalry.

The last meeting between both schools: The Spartans defeated the Wolverines on their home court by a final score of 59-53-70.

Prediction: Michigan State 74, Michigan 72

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