Busting Brackets

10 teams vulnerable to be upset in the first round of March Madness

There is an elite tier of college basketball this season, but it's an exclusive club. If your team is on the outside of that five or six-team group, then they could be vulnerable to a Round of 64 exit in the NCAA Tournament.

Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari
Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari / Caitie McMekin/News Sentinel / USA TODAY
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. . . 432. 21-11 (11-9). Net: 36 Projected Seed: 7. . Clemson. . 9

The Clemson Tigers were one of the first four teams left out of the NCAA Tournament last season. This year, the Tigers won 20 games and locked up an at-large bid, even in an ACC that is falling out of favor with the bracketologists. 

However, I think it will be a swift departure from the big dance for the interior-focused Tigers and senior center P.J. Hall. Head coach Brad Brownell added Joseph Girard III from Syracuse this offseason, to pair in the backcourt with Chase Hunter, and those veteran guards only turn the ball over on 14.6% of their possessions, but the Tigers are at -0.9 in the turnover margin per game. 

Brownell’s team just doesn’t force turnovers and the defensive end of the court is a big concern for me regarding Clemson. The Tigers give up 1.026 points per possession and allowed 1.209 in their ACC Tournament loss to Boston College.