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Funny because it’s true: Danny Hurley gives a left-handed compliment to UConn fans

The UConn Huskies have become the dominant force in college basketball and with that comes a target on the back and a whole lot of hate. An outspoken New England fanbase just adds fuel to the fire, but Danny Hurley is dancing through the flames.

Illinois v Connecticut
Illinois v Connecticut / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Danny Hurley’s UConn Huskies have now won 10 straight NCAA Tournament games, all by double-digits. After a 23-23 start Saturday in the Elite Eight, the Huskies went on a 30-0 run to trounce the Illinois Fighting Illini and cruise to the Final Four. All that tournament dominance has certainly emboldened the fans from Storrs Connecticut and Hurley has taken notice. 

“We've defied the odds this year, just with past champions and losing everything that we lost from last year's team, and having this giant target that we've carried the entire year, the UConn target, plus the defending national champs target,” Hurley said in a celebratory postgame press conference. “Plus we're a program our players have a lot of confidence and a lot of swagger. Our fan base, again, is obnoxious as s--- on social. So everyone hates us.”

Hurley might be right and his family is certainly no stranger to the public vitriol or back-to-back national title runs. Danny’s brother Bobby won two consecutive titles in 1991 and 1992 at Duke. As Christian Laettner’s point guard, Bobby had to handle the hate, and now that he’s at the mountaintop of the sport, it’s Danny’s turn. 

As a good Hurley should, he’s relishing it. “It was a chance to celebrate with them because our fan base and our organization right now, it's an us against the world of college basketball and I wanted to celebrate with them a little bit,” Hurley continued. 

UConn will have a target on its back in Phoenix, against a Final Four first-timer, Alabama. The Crimson Tide fanbase will be in an unfamiliar role as an underdog next Saturday, though most neutral fans will agree, that fanbase can be “obnoxious as s— too.”

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