Notre Dame Basketball: 2020-21 season preview for the Fighting Irish

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Notre Dame Basketball

Notre Dame Basketball (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

Notre Dame Basketball looks to stay relevant in a tough ACC this upcoming season.

After failing to secure any notable victories, it makes sense that Notre Dame’ Basketball’s 2019-20 season feels somewhat forgetful even with its sequel brewing on the horizon. Although last year’s 20-12 record looked solid on the surface, the team split their conference wins and losses even at ten, while additionally dropping all games against ranked opponents. Needless to say, the Fighting Irish left a lot to be desired.

But despite these missed opportunities, Notre Dame still made sure to notch wins against their more inferior opponents, essentially completing an oddly predictable season that saw them win almost all games favored their way while losing the rest.

Still helping the team keep fans intrigued from a general standpoint, John Mooney averaged the most rebounds amongst all ACC players with 12.7 per game, as well as the sixth most points with 16.2 per game. TJ Gibbs gave reason for fans to tune in and cheer as well, offering an admirable 13.3 points per game.

This year though, the team no longer holds those weapons at their disposal, with both Mooney and Gibbs graduating last spring. Having acknowledged that, the Fighting Irish must retool and reshape their approach for this season, utilizing new players and passing on more significant roles to those returning.

After missing the tournament for three straight years, Notre Dame must do this seemingly without error if they hope to make their way back to the dance.

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