Baylor Basketball: Jared Butler’s NBA Draft decision and whether he will declare

Fresh off of a national championship and Final Four MOP, Jared Butler of Butler Basketball has soaked in all of the accolades and awards since early April. However, one that has been a surprising development has been the delay of Butler’s decision.

From the outside, it doesn’t quite seem as much, with the deadline approaching in less than a week. However, there are questions as to why he has delayed his decision and whether there may be reasoning behind it.

One possible reason could be because of his past, how it has impacted him, and the potential moving forward. Scott Drew has gone on record and is not scared to give guys that have medical conditions chances to play for his program.

Isaiah Austin was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome in 2014. Marfan is a genetic disorder that affects connective tissue within the body. Another member of the basketball team most recently has been former guard King McClure. McClure, who now works for ESPN as a basketball analyst, was diagnosed with a heart condition and was told he could never play basketball again.

Yet, McClure played his entire career for the Bears from 2016-2019.

Butler wasn’t meant to become a Bear, as he was committed to playing for Avery Johnson at Alabama. Until Butler was granted a release, due to a potential heart condition, according to 247.

This heart condition would continue to limit opportunities outside of Baylor, as Butler made the Team USA U-19 team, but was unable to participate. Part of that has to stem from some sort of condition, that limited him.

The potential for a heart condition was taken to the back seat, as Butler announced in the spring of 2020, that he would declare for the NBA Draft, as he was projected to land in the late second round. On August 3, he would pull his name out and return to Baylor, alongside teammate MaCio Teague.

The rest is history, as the Bears hoisted the national championship, in a 86-70 win over Gonzaga.

Although Butler might end up signing with an agent within the next few days, there’s reason to give the offer a chance of Butler staying in Waco.

Davion Mitchell has signed with an agent, and even forward Matthew Mayer is testing the waters.

Baylor’s backcourt will miss their top three, but bring in a new three of their own. Adam Flagler and LJ Cryer return from last year and Drew brought in Arizona University guard James Akinjo.

With that much depth returning and Mitchell, Teague leaving, it seems like an easy decision for Butler to head to the pros. Butler is projected by many, to land in the late first round, and has been a late first-round projection for months.

Over the course of the next five days should be interesting and I still expect Butler to declare. However, it has just seemed odd that a player so sure to be a first-round pick, has been so hesitant. Especially, with being a two-time All-American, Big 12, and National Champion.

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