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NCAA Basketball: 8 teams who managed to survive 2024 transfer portal madness

Illinois v Iowa State
Illinois v Iowa State / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Kansas Jayhawks

A year ago, Kansas lost five players to the transfer portal and never really replaced them. That may have come back to haunt them in the postseason, as an injury to Kevin McCullar Jr. doomed them to a Round of 32 exit. Coach Bill Self solved the “depth” issues, adding four of the better guard transfers from the portal.

But this piece isn’t about who they added but rather, who they kept. And that’s literally everyone, as the Jayhawks are one of the select few to not lose anyone to the portal. And that’s good, considering how much talent was brought in.

Big man Hunter Dickinson had a 5th year available and he took, set to return as one of the best centers in all of NCAA Basketball. Star defender and veteran point guard Dajuan Harris Jr. is back to run the offense, while starting forward and versatile all-around player KJ Adams is back for his senior year also. 

It’s hard to argue that there’s a better roster on paper than what Kansas has, thanks to the combination of incoming transfers and key returners. Because of that, look for them to be in the preseason top-3 team once again.