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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Analyzing 5 new contenders for 5-star wing Liam McNeeley

Bob McKillop Invitational At Hofstra University
Bob McKillop Invitational At Hofstra University / Johnny Nunez/GettyImages
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Michigan Wolverines

It’s a new era at Michigan, with former FAU HC Dusty May taking over. He has a near-empty roster to rebuild with, with four scholarship players. However, there’s a good chance that a few players from FAU could join him, including star guards, Alijah Martin and Johnell Davis. With Terrence Williams in the portal/draft process, the wing position is wide open for someone like McNeeley to join and have immediate playing time.

Of course, that can change in a matter of weeks, as the Wolverines have reportedly been very active in the transfer portal. Plus, this is a rebuilding situation that may not have a lot of winning in at least the first season. With little “known” about the current situation, the many unknowns may be difficult for the five-star prospect to commit to.

UConn Huskies

The Huskies are on the cusp of winning another national title and have all the momentum in NCAA Basketball. They also have success with five-star freshman Stephon Castle, who could end up as a top-10 pick in the latest NBA Draft.

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With him likely leaving, there could be as many as four starters gone for the Huskies. They do still have depth on the wings, including Jaylin Stewart and Jayden Ross, along with four-star forward, Isaiah Abraham. So McNeeley wouldn’t be guaranteed to start but considering what UConn has been doing, it would be hard to pass them up.