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2024 NBA Draft: LA Lakers, Detroit Pistons, among biggest winners and losers

There was no shortage of headlines throughout the two-day event.
2024 NBA Draft - Round One
2024 NBA Draft - Round One / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Winner: UConn Huskies, Colorado Buffaloes

It was a beautiful couple of days for the back-to-back national champs, the UConn Huskies out of the Big East, and the Colorado Buffaloes.

For UConn, the Huskies saw two players go into the top 10. Stephon Castle, a versatile, forceful defender with tremendous strength at only 19 years old, was selected fourth overall by the San Antonio Spurs. Donovan Clingan, a towering 7-foot-2 big, was selected seventh overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. Later in the second round, Tristen Newton (49th overall, Indiana Pacers) and Cam Spencer (55th overall, Memphis Grizzlies) would hear their names called, marking four of UConn’s five starters selected in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Another school that saw quite the success in the 2024 NBA Draft was the Colorado Buffaloes. Cody Williams, an elite finisher and younger brother of OKC Thunder’s Jalen Williams, was selected 10th overall by the Utah Jazz. Tristan Da Silva was selected 18th overall by the Orlando Magic. KJ Simpson was selected 42nd overall by the Charlotte Hornets. For a school that seems to fly under the radar regarding what they have produced professionally and also on the court, it was a very, very good day for Tad Boyle’s group.